I’ve made a bunch of stuff over the years. Here’s a resource page where I’ve compiled a few of them. If you end up using any of it and find it useful, or have suggestions on revision, please let me know!

Remote Learning

Remote Literacy Learning guide

Google Forms Example Writing Lesson (6th grade)

Google Forms Example Reading Lesson (8th grade)

Reading (general)

Pre-&-Re-View Protocol

Fix-Up Strategy Bookmark

A Synthesis of Research on Secondary Reading

Close Reading

A collection of definitions of close reading

Close Reading Guide

A Process for Close Reading

Close Reading vs. Independent Reading: Graphic

Foundational Reading

Orthographic Mapping (Kilpatrick): Graphic

Reading Model (Seidenberg): Graphic

The Simple View of Reading (Kilpatrick)

Individual Phonological Awareness Development Chart (Equipped for Reading Success)

Class Phonological Awareness Development Chart (Equipped for Reading Success)


Cognitive Rigor Matrix Planning Template

QPP & Scaffolding a Text Guidebook

Question Planning Process Template (QPP)

QPP for Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

QPP and WIT: Graphic


Word Identification Tool: WIT

Vocabulary Identification Tools

Resources for Vocabulary Instruction

Effective Vocabulary Strategies that Support Middle School Literacy Instruction

Tiered Vocabulary: Graphic

Expeditionary Learning/EngageNY (6-8)

Expeditionary Learning Curriculum Overview for Planning

Expeditionary Learning Targets and Standards

Recommended Text List


Literacy Curriculum Mapping Tool

Connection between Skills and Knowledge: Graphic


Protocol for Examining Student Work

Student Learning Profile Template

Sample Student Learning Profile

Access for All: From Data to Design

Scripted IEP Meeting Agenda: Annual Reviews

IEP Meeting Agenda: Annual Reviews

IEP Meeting Agenda: Initials, Re-evals, and Triennials


Cognitive Principles of Learning

Code and Meaning-based Skills-Standards Alignment

NY State Next Generation ELA Standards (includes released question bank)

Guiding Documents on Learning Targets

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