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Whole to Part to Whole

Oral language is baked into our brains. We are born to learn to speak. Similarly, reading our visual surroundings is second nature. Our eyes are neurally attuned to pick out fine-grained distinctions and patterns amidst the noise. But written language is something we graft onto our existing circuitry. Graphemes get bootstrapped onto our auditory and … Continue reading Whole to Part to Whole

The Riches of ASHA

In my last post, I wrote about the riches of Speech-Language Pathology and what this domain of research and practice has to offer for all educators. I’d also like to highlight that relatedly, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and it’s publications has a lot to offer to those of us getting into the Science of … Continue reading The Riches of ASHA

Learning How Kids Learn to Read

Originally posted on Schools & Ecosystems:
You might assume I know something about teaching kids to read. I studied English at UCLA and obtained my master’s in education at The City College of NY. I taught special education grades 5-8 for 7 years, and I’ve supported schools and teachers throughout the Bronx with K-8 ELA…

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